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What is DSL?
Why OpCenter.net DSL?
How does it work?
How fast is it?
For Home and Business Users
ADSL Installation and Modem/Router Requirements
SDSL Installation and Modem/Router Requirements
Competing and Alternate Technologies
Leverage the benefits of OpCenter DSL
OpCenter.net DSL Partners


DSL provides blazing-fast Secure Internet access for web surfing, MP3 downloading, and for sending/receiving large data files. Delivered right through a regular telephone line, data rates can vary from 144Kb to 1.5Mb per second depending on the type and cost of the service. DSL can be delivered to both homes and to businesses.

It’s also a service that you don’t have to dial into… Just turn on your PC, open a browser, and you’re ready to surf. (No more hearing those annoying beeps and tones, then waiting to be connected…you’re always connected!)

What is DSL?

DSL brings the Internet to life! DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband technology provides high-speed data transmission (up to 1.5 Mbps) over an existing telephone line. Speeds are up to fifty times faster than a standard 28.8 Kbps dial-up modem. OpCenter DSL service is instant and always on. Surf the web with the top down with OpCenter.net DSL!

The technology requires that users are within certain distance limitations from an equipped phone company central office, and that the local loop facilities are suitable for the service. With DSL, our customers use a single telephone line for high-speed data communications, including uploading and downloading multimedia and large email file attachments. Our ADSL customers can also use the line simultaneously for voice calls or faxing. Connections to the Internet are continuous. There are no call set-up delays or busy signals. When you turn on your computer you're connected, it's that simple and reliable. DSL is an excellent solution for people working from home and need to access their company's data network quickly and efficiently, something most companies will not allow from the less secure cable modem.

Click here to check if DSL service is available at your location, or call us directly at 201-599-2022 to find out if service is available on your line.

Why OpCenter.net DSL?

OpCenter.net DSL differs from Verizon, Earthlink, or DirecTV DSL in two major ways -- first, OpCenter.net is a company dedicated to data/Internet services. Second, we assign a static IP addresses to your computer at no extra charge. What does this actually mean for you? Our national competitors do not include static IP addresses with their basic DSL service package, but force users to use dynamic IP addresses. Each time you want to connect to the Internet via their dynamic IP addressing service you must go through a login procedure that assigns a temporary IP address to your computer.

Additionally, if the day ever arrives when you may want to host a website at your location, you will not be able to do so with a dynamic IP address. With OpCenter DSL, you'll have a static IP address and ample bandwidth for efficiently housing your own web servers.

For more information about OpCenter DSL email us at dsl@opcenter.net or call 201-599-2022.

How does it Work?

DSL provides a high-speed data channel over existing phone lines. The channel extends from OpCenter's serving wire center to customer location and from the serving wire center to the Internet. Whether you are a business or residential customer, you can use the same telephone line for DSL access and simultaneous voice fax communications. This eliminates the need for a second line for Internet access.

ADSL (asymmetrical DSL) characteristics are ideally suited to the needs of typical Internet users who usually require higher downloading speeds than uploading speeds. DSL downstream (to your computer), or downloading speeds are higher than upstream or uploading speeds. For example, OpCenter's DSL 768K/128K package offers up to 768 Kbps downstream and up to 128 Kbps upstream. Actual speeds may be lower, depending on the local loop and other conditions.

How Fast is it?

DSL provides data transfer speed up to 25 times faster than a standard 56 Kbps modem and 11 times faster that a 128 Kbps ISDN connection. With greatly improved data transfer speeds, the Internet experience becomes much more enjoyable and productivity sky-rockets. For business users, employees and employers can do more in less time. With OpCenter DSL the Internet becomes an even greater efficient and effective tool.

When shopping online, DSL speeds transactions along. The shopper spends less time waiting for pages to download, allowing more time for shopping and price comparison.

LAN access from Home - With DSL, employees can access their corporate LAN from home and maintain productivity with faster response times than a dial-up connection. In addition, many corporations prevent access to LAN's for employees attempting to gain access via a cable modem. Cable modems are inherently less secure in that any given neighborhood is on a shared LAN.

Distance Learning - Online Gaming - DSL supports live video and enhances response times for online gaming which makes playing over the Internet as fast as playing them from a CD or game machine.

For Home and Business Users

  • Ability to talk on the telephone and access the Internet at the same time using the same telephone line.
  • Internet speeds up to 25 times faster with DSL than a regular 56 Kbps dial-up modem.
  • Internet connection is always on (no dial-up/waiting necessary).
  • Using hub devices, DSL accommodates multiple users at the same location over a single line.

ADSL Installation and Modem/Router Requirements

OpCenter ADSL is designed to accommodate a consumer "self-installation". In the event you desire you desire to have a separate agreement with OpCenter in order to provide on-site technician installation assistance, please contact us at 201-599-2022.

SDSL Installation and Modem/Router Requirements

Professional installation required.

Competing and Alternate Technologies

56 Kbps modems: Used for Internet access, email, and remote LAN access. Considerations: limited applications, slow speeds, ties up telephone/voice lines.

ISDN (64 to 128 Kbps): Used for Internet access, email, remote LAN access, call center services, transaction processing, video-conferencing. Considerations: usage sensitive, fastest digital alternative prior to DSL, widely available in OpCenter footprint.

Cable modems (56 Kbps to 30 Mbps): Used for Internet access, email, remote LAN access, cable TV. Considerations: shared architecture divides speeds among all users in a cable network, security concerns from shared system, single ISP connection, and cable reliability. Many corporations prevent cable modem access to corporate LANs.

Satellite: Used for Internet access, email, remote LAN access. Considerations: in most cases requires separate dial-up connection for uploading, more expensive start-up costs, performance is subject to weather and environmental conditions.

Leverage the Benefits of OpCenter DSL

Cost savings: OpCenter will help you gather information for a cost comparison between dial-up and DSL. In many cases, DSL can provide substantial savings in total monthly cost when compared to multiple dial-up lines, or even higher speed data circuits.

More value: By replacing multiple dial-up lines with one DSL line, OpCenter DSL may reduce cost and receive 25 times the bandwidth. Even in the situation where there will be no cost savings and the cost may be $10-$20 more for DSL service, you receive MORE for your money. For an additional $10/month, you'll receive 25 times the service and speed.

Time is money: The question arises as to how much is costs you NOT to implement OpCenter DSL service? If you ever work from home, waiting excessive amounts of time for downloads, shopping, banking, bill paying, investing, customer support, learning, or accessing music or video sites, dial-up connections are not only too slow but cost you money by wasting time. OpCenter provides the solution through DSL. OpCenter DSL gives you back time; something we all don't seem to have enough of today.

A DSL Internet connection delivers high-powered fun and games to your desktop. A DSL powered connection makes playing interactive, graphic-intensive games a blast. Playing multi-player online games becomes an exciting experience.

Music distribution and broadcasting abounds on the Internet. You can listen to music broadcasts, download music files, and even make your own music CDs. You can view real-time video broadcasts or do your own real-time video conferencing.

Faster Internet access enables businesses to access information on the world wide web easier, and convert that information into tools for making real-time business decisions.

Time is money, and by accessing needed information and tools faster, businesses are more efficient, and able to increase productivity, by reducing total operational costs per revenue dollar. Employees will be able to accomplish more in less time with OpCenter DSL.

Applications such as distance learning, off-campus access, and flexible study hours offer educational institutions an excellent solution.

Telecommuters at companies with flexible work environments require high-speed access without tying up a primary line at home. In today's competitive business climate, companies face demands for more flexible work schedules.

  • To attract and retain the best and brightest people, businesses need to support employees who want or need to telecommute or work extended hours outside the office. Businesses also derive benefits from supporting telecommuting. Telecommuters also routinely report productivity increases of 15 to 30 percent.
  • Using a DSL Internet connection and VPN (Virtual Private Networking), telecommuters can work more productively at home. VPN allows private data to pass over the Internet and it's the underlying technology for connecting telecommuters to the office network via DSL.
  • High-speed DSL connections enable telecommuters to seamlessly access all the essential services of the company network, including email, databases, files, and Intranet resources from home. DSL Internet service also enables telecommuters to stay in the loop at the office through the use sophisticated tools, such as Web-based presentations and video conferencing.
  • DSL is the ideal technology to enable the remote worker. Telecommute in the fast lane with OpCenter DSL.

OpCenter.net DSL Partners

OpCenter.net has partnered with the country's leading DSL companies, Verizon and Covad to bring you the reliable, always on high-speed DSL Internet connection.

For more information about OpCenter DSL email us at dsl@opcenter.net or call 201-599-2022.


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